Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update From Islamabad, Pakistan

Keith and Blanche Talkington are Assemblies of God pastors serving in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their ministry has been covered twice in TPE. See the Jan. 1, 2006 TPE World Missions Edition for background on this update.

Keith's report:

October 8, 2007 marked the second anniversary of the 8.0 scale earthquake that devastated a large area of Pakistan surrounding Islamabad. I still remember waiting under my desk for nearly three minutes for the tremor to stop. We were fortunate in Islamabad to escape with only minor damage. The people living in the mountains less than 80 miles away suffered terrible death and destruction. More than 200,000 died, at least a million were left homeless. During the six months following the earthquake the ladies of our church donated and packed clothes, food and blankets that were taken to the earthquake area and distributed to people who had lost everything. Often these supplies were carried in backpacks to earthquake victims in remote locations high in the mountains of northern Pakistan and Kashmir.

Two years later the relief operation has officially come to a close. Yet, thousands are still living in tents and many have yet to receive even primary medical care. Today we continue to work through [an] NGO (Non Government Organization) to provide1-2 day medical and eyeglass clinics for hundreds of victims of the earthquake in Kashmir. Most of those who were treated at the clinics received medical care for the first time in their lives.

Please pray for the new medical clinic that we have started in Islamabad in a needy area 20 minutes from our church. Most of those who have been treated have never seen a doctor or heard the gospel message.

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