Friday, November 2, 2007

Caribbean flooding impacts ministry

Following heavy rains over a 12-day period, Tropical Storm Noel has added insult to injury causing severe flooding throughout the Caribbean and Central America. The devastation in several countries has captured the attention of the Assemblies of God-affiliated compassion ministry, Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope Public Relations Director Kristin Kubitschek told AG News that staff members are on location distributing relief supplies in Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador. Also, in-country partners in the Dominican Republic are assessing needs there.

Reports from the areas state damage includes loss of life, damaged and destroyed businesses and homes, hundreds of contaminated wells, mudslides, significant crop damage and sanitation issues that accompany flooding.

Among those caught in the powerful Caribbean storm are Assemblies of God World Missionaries Larry and Dee McNeill of Latin American Theological Seminary. On Thursday, McNeil said Noel had been pounding the Dominican Republic classroom where he taught for several days.

“The normally peaceful brook behind the dinning room is now a raging river,” McNeill reported. “Electric power has been off for two days. Although water is flooding the entire campus, there has been no water for showers for days, making the hot, humid Bible College almost intolerable.”

However, students on the island – all seasoned ministers – aren’t complaining.

“In spite of the hammering rain and violent wind, ministry leaders of Dominican Republic are studying a master’s degree program in ministerial leadership,” McNeill reported. “They are pressing on to get every drop of benefit from their courses of study.”

— Dan Van Veen, AG News, and John W. Kennedy

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