Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AG church designated Red Cross shelter

Wintry weather earlier this week pulled the power plug for thousands across the Midwest. One of the hardest hit states was Oklahoma, with 80,000 in Tulsa alone still in the dark. Monday the Red Cross set up a shelter in Coweta (Okla.) Assembly’s Outreach Center. The City of Coweta, a suburb of Tulsa, and the Red Cross are staffing the shelter. The Red Cross is providing food, drinks and cots.

“They’re saying the power won’t be on until the 18th,” Pastor Gary Rogers says. “The shelter will be open as long as needed.”

In Coweta, Rogers says about half are without power. This evening’s church services, he says, will go on as planned. Those staying at the shelter have been invited to come to the services but the coffeehouse will be made available for any who choose not to attend.

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